Wednesday, April 14, 2010

15 Cool and Creative Key Holders

Keys here and there, whenever you see they are always there but the moment you need them they defying your physics, just disappear? Funny how the universe works huh? There must be a key to not losing your keys. While a hook may do it but give your keys a good home to stay because these are some cool products especially designed for holding keys in style and you'd no more have to throw your keys in a cup or on a table and no more "where the hell is the key".

1. The Dirty Key Holder

Oh well, its a human instinct to design such things. not so good if you have kids in your house.

2. Buckle up Key Holder

This wall mounted key holder cleverly changes the context of the buckle whilst retaining the “arriving and leaving” element of using a seatbelt. Over time, plugging in your keys becomes as much of a habit as putting on your seatbelt.

3. Magnetter Key Holder

Magnetter is an elegant wall-moutable key holder that works without hooks or a shelf or cup of any sort. As you'd have guessed by it's name it uses a powerful ten lb neodymium magnet hidden behind the curved mahogany finished wood. Simple yet stylish. It's curved top can be used to stash mail or other papers behind. The Magnetter comes with wall anchors for mounting and three steel keyrings at a very reasonably price of $12.99.

4. Lego Key Holder

Lego key holder is another stylish thing which claims "lost keys are a thing of past". This is an awesome design that comes up with a lego brick pad that allows holds lego key chains which are included in the set. Keypad provides a soft, scratch resistant surface and offers perfect key storage for the home or office. The adhesive surface below also provides sticking to your paper notes.

5.Ladybug KeyThing Key Holder

It’s a wall mounted funky looking steel-backed rubber dome and you insert your keys right into the grippy holes. It can store up to five sets of keys with enough separation that it appears quite easy to quickly pick out the key you need.

6. Human Kinky Key Holder

You'll never lose your keys again with these Human Key Holders mounted to the wall and if you lose you'd not have to blame them. These holders come in either His or Hers and with another key that's used to attach your house keys. Simply attach your keys to the key provided, and insert the key into the male or female forms. Kinky and useful in a way at $16.99.

7. Wheels Key Holder

The wheels key holder unit features quality British construction and a brilliant polished chrome finish. It is a style piece that comes up with a dummy key that is used as a key chain which is the key able to rotate the classy wheel like you are going to open up a highly protected locker in your space ship. Further it adds a little elegance to your decorum wherever you mount it.

8. Clote Velcro Key Holder

It was true when you were struggling to tie your shoes, and it's still true now: Velcro makes everything easier. The Clote Velcro Key Holder is a prime example of this, with a steel unit that features five color coordinated velcro circles and loop fastener key chains. Never get your keys confused again at $70.

9. Adhesion Climber Key Holder

A cute little climber made of adhesive plastic that would stick to almost anything from metal to glass to plastic would stickily hold your key safe and mounted wherever you want since you don't have to hang it by nails like others, it just sticks.

10. Safe Key Ping

Keys seem to have a penchant of getting themselves lost on their own, which is why the safe Key Ping is inexpensive and cool in case there is someone forgetful living under the same roof as you. Take any key on your key ring and stab it into the bristles.

11. SmartFinder Key Holder

SmartFinder Key Holder while safely holds your keys, is a wireless technology that can help track your keys up 60 feet with just click of a button. The thing has its pros and cons, didn't impress me much though.

12. Dutchbydesign Key Hander Board

Stylish and simple key hanger board by

13. Switch Entry Caddy

Say goodbye to the last minute scramble for keys. They’ll be waiting by the door like a faithful dog. This modern metal organizer fits perfectly over your existing switch plate, with no drilling or hammering required.

14. Keypad Key Holder

Made from durable silicone, Keypad provides a soft, scratch free surface. Like the magnetter, Keypad uses a hidden super magnet that grabs any steel on your keys for easy storage.

15. Bicycle Valve Key Holder

You never knew recycling would result in such things. But its cool!

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  1. Where can I find the dirty key holder? can't find it on the web anywhere? will you post a reply? thx!